Dynamic Domination Altis

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DDA - Dynamic Domination Altis
05.09.2014 16:18

Download it and Host it - Server Version:   
-for dedicated or non dedicated server.  
-no Singel Player, not Tested    

Beta Tester hinterlast eure Eindrücke und Wünsche hier!   
Beta testers load behind your impressions and desires here!     

DDA - Dynamic Domination Altis v.1     
It´s a Dynamic Domination style mission with Civ Boats, Animals, Bleedout system,
Air Support  and Skirmish. But take care of blind operating pro opfor(russian) units.
There are good civ´s and bad civ´s in all areas ;)

NO Addons needed but COMPATIBLE with @A3_environ_DynamAA, @C17A3, @GNT_C185, @IVORY, @mikes, @TPW_MODS, JSRS 2.2, @Blastcore-A3_R3 and so on.     

credits to:
AI HALO Jump script - cobra4v320, Generic Vehicle Service - Jacmac, Open Door´s - by panda, Killzone_kid, Delta 1 and Hotshotmike, Civilian Opinion Init by: Kinch, Civilian Occupation System (COS) By BangaBob, norrin, aeroson, Igi_PL for Igl load, Close Air Support by JW Custom, SideMission Script Package by austin...     


 /give some credits if you use it


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